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    • Harvard Leather Desk Chair

      Now from $1,683.00
    • Slater Leather Channel-Back Desk Chair

      Now from $1,615.00
    • Gareth Leather Desk Chair

      Now from $1,232.50
    • Harding Leather Task Chair

      Now from $1,275.00
    • Jett Leather Desk Chair

      Now from $901.00
    • Harding Desk Chair

      Now from $986.00
    • Gareth Desk Chair

      Now from $952.00
    • Slater Leather Desk Chair

      Now from $1,445.00
    • Jett Desk Chair

      Now from $858.50
    • Harvard Desk Chair

      Now from $1,462.00
    • Limited Quantities

      Bristol Desk Chair

      Now from $1,334.50
    • Limited Quantities

      Bristol Leather Desk Chair

      Now from $1,559.75
    • Slater Desk Chair

      Now $1,479.00


    I see all kinds of names for desk chairs: office chairs, task chairs, computer chairs. Is there really a difference between each type?

    At Ethan Allen, when we choose product names, all office chairs, task chairs, and computer chairs are labeled “desk chairs.” We find that it’s less confusing to use just one name. Most of the time, those terms are used interchangeably anyway.

    Are your desk chairs ergonomic? What’s the best office chair for someone who has to sit for long hours?

    Each of our upholstered desk chairs is designed for hours of workday comfort, with a supportive back and structured seat. We also include adjustable height and tilt bases, so you can personalize your chair height to your body.

    When your chair is the right height, your body weight will feel evenly distributed. Start by standing and facing the front of your chair. Adjust the seat height until it’s just below your kneecap. Then, have a seat:

    • If you feel pressure near the back of your chair, raise it.
    • If you feel pressure near the front of the chair, lower it.

    When you’re sitting at your desk with your feet flat on the floor, your knees should be positioned at a 90° angle, and your thighs should be parallel to the floor. Here’s why:

    • When your knees are bent at less than 90°, your hips will be lower than your knees, putting pressure on your lower back.
    • When your knees are extended at more than 90°, you compress the back of your thighs, inhibiting circulation.

    What are some other ways I can make sure my desk chair will be comfortable for long hours of sitting?

    A seat that’s the right depth will provide solid back support without putting pressure on your knees, and the right seat width will give you just enough room to move while ensuring correct distribution of your body weight.

    Two simple measurements will help you find the ideal seat depth and width for your office chair.

    1. Sit in your current office chair or a dining chair.
      • Using a tape measure, measure along your thigh from the point where your bottom touches the seat to the back of your knee.
      • Add 3" to this measurement. The total will give you the correct seat depth. If you measured 15", your ideal seat depth would be 18".
    2. With your feet flat on the floor, measure across the widest part of your hips.
    3. Then, add 2" to find your ideal seat width, which should provide about 1" of space on either side of your hips.

    Should I buy an office chair with armrests?

    If you spend your workday holding a lot of reading material, then armrests can make that task much more comfortable. Armrests can, however, make it harder to push your desk chair beneath your desk.

    Some of our chairs have adjustable armrests that you can position to your liking. Under the Additional Details tab on each office chair product page, we list both the lowest and highest arm heights, when applicable.

    If you like the look of chair arms but don’t like that in-the-way feeling, several of our chairs have slope arms that are positioned further back.

    How do I know if my desk chair is the right size for my desk?

    If you purchase a double pedestal desk from us, make sure that the width of your new chair can fit in the space between the pedestals. Otherwise, any Ethan Allen office chair should fit easily beneath any Ethan Allen desk.

    If you already have a desk at home, check the width of your Ethan Allen chair and its arm height, if applicable, against the available space beneath your existing desk.

    What are the pros and cons of fabric vs. leather desk chairs?

    We tailor both fabric and leather over supportive seat and back cushions, so both fabric and leather make comfortable seating options. Make sure to look for not only your favorite color or pattern but also the performance features of your fabric or leather. We offer a variety of stain-resistant fabrics and protected leathers for coffee dribbles and bring-your-child-to-work day.

    Does Ethan Allen sell desk and desk chair sets?

    As of now, we don’t. We’re an interior design brand, so we give our clients more freedom to mix and match styles. If you want some pairing suggestions, don’t hesitate to ping our Designer Chat or give any Design Center a call.

    You can also use our 3D Room Planner to see how 3D renderings of any Ethan Allen desk and office chair will look together, or you can preview our desk chairs in your space when you download our EA inHome® app

    Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!