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  • Berkshire Side Chair

    Now $392.00
  • Gilbert Side Chair

    Now $496.00
  • Chauncey Armchair

    Now $441.00
  • Benham Side Chair

    Now from $376.00
  • Thomas Armchair

    Now from $704.00
  • Maddox Side Chair

    Now from $376.00
  • Drew Side Chair

    Now from $560.00
  • Haddam Slat-Back Dining Side Chair

    Now from $368.00
  • Yves Host Chair

    Now from $952.00
  • Caroline Side Chair

    Now from $432.00
  • Benham Wood-Seat Side Chair

    Now $400.00
  • Gilbert Armchair

    Now $576.00
  • Mackenzie Side Chair

    Now from $496.00
  • Lindsay Side Chair

    Now from $656.00
  • Thomas Side Chair

    Now from $616.00
  • Margaux Side Chair

    Now from $592.00
  • Blake Side Chair

    Now from $552.00
  • Clinton Bench

    Now from $1,224.00
  • Berkshire Armchair

    Now $496.00
  • Aldrich Bench

    Now from $1,528.00
  • Jewel Metal Base Dining Chair

    Now from $912.00
  • Lian Armchair

    Now from $420.00
  • Chauncey Side Chair

    Now from $371.00


How do I choose a dining room chair or kitchen chair?

There are many factors that go into choosing a dining room or kitchen chair. Your table, for instance, sets the style tone. You will want to complement your table in both style and finish, whether it’s Classic, Country & Coastal, or Modern. Comfort is another consideration—do you want an upholstered chair, partially upholstered chair, or no upholstery at all? Our designers can help you choose fabrics and finishes, but also those unique custom elements, like nailheads and tufting.

Are Ethan Allen dining room chairs and kitchen chairs well made?

The wood for many of our beds comes from two sources: logs that we’ve milled in the Beecher Falls, Vermont, or lumber that has been quality-checked by our inspectors in Old Fort, North Carolina, who are certified by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA). In addition, we use low-HAP and low-VOC coatings that help keep the air cleaner.

How do I choose a mattress for a wood bed?

At Ethan Allen, we take immense pride in our craftsmanship. You’ll see our talents in the details, like how we steam bend wood by hand to create our hoop back chair designs, or how we hand cut and tuck fabrics, and how stringent we are about the standards those fabrics must meet. Each chair we craft is of heirloom quality, built to seat your family for generations to come.

I really love the look, but is white fabric a good choice for dining room chairs?

Yes! With our variety of easy-to-clean, stain repellant performance fabrics, you can enjoy the look of crisp, white fabric on your dining room or kitchen chairs and not stress about those everyday messes. Find out how easy it is to treat spills and stains by visiting our Use & Care Guide.

Is leather durable enough to use on dining chairs?

Because of their solid wood platform, wood beds don’t make noise. The beds that do are composed of multiple assembled pieces. The more parts, the more chances a bed will squeak.

Why do some dining room chairs have arms?

Armchairs add support and make it easier to stand and sit. Traditionally, they would go only at the head and foot of a table. However, if your table space allows for them, they are a nice way to add comfort to all your guests’ seats.

Do all my dining room chairs and kitchen chairs need to be the same style?

Not at all! —though you will want to choose chair styles that complement each other as well as your table. You’ll also want to make sure whatever chairs you choose are the same height and that they sit comfortably under your dining room table or kitchen table.

Should the chair leg finish match my table’s finish?

It doesn’t have to. In fact, with our array of custom finishes, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted a chair in every color!  You can choose to match all your dining room chairs and kitchen chairs with your table, but if you do like the mix-and-match look, we suggest making the chairs at the head and foot of your table the standout stars.

What do I do with my extra dining room chairs if I have my table extension closed?

You can position your chairs to flank either side of your buffet or use them for extra seating in your living room. In our opinion, there is no such thing as too many chairs, and there are endless ways to use them!

How do I figure out how many dining room or kitchen chairs I need?

Easy! Many of our Ethan Allen tables have recommendations in their product descriptions. If you still have questions, you can connect with a designer online, over the phone, or in person at a Design Center.

What are the best chairs for a round dining table?

To mimic the flow of a round table, choose chairs with slightly rounded backs. Using our 3D Room Planner you can play with different chairs, and tables, to see what looks best in your space. If you already have a table you like and just need new chairs, try our EA inHome® app and see what our furniture will look like in your space through augmented reality.


Do you have more questions? Click the Designer Chat icon, or contact your local Design Center—we’re happy to help!