Quality & Craftsmanship

At Ethan Allen, we take the lead on designing, developing, and delivering everything we make. It’s how we can safeguard the quality of our products from start to finish. We’re proud to say that 75% of our products are made in our own North American workshops.

From cushions adjusted by hand for perfect shape and positioning, to upholstery, in fabric or leather, cut, sized and customized for a flawless fit, our passion for quality and style are felt in every detail.

handcrafted upholstery

Many of our iconic wood pieces are still handcrafted in our own Vermont workshops, where master woodworkers use traditional techniques handed down for generations, applying each wood finish by hand.

hand guilded details

Our artisans utilize skills passed down through generations and specialized materials unique to their regions. From solid brass sockets, to handmade shades, every piece is a marriage of form and function.

handcrafted lighting

Hand painted, hand sculpted, hand finished—hand craftsmanship shapes everything created for Ethan Allen. Many of our artisans apprentice for a decade just to perfect their techniques.

Our area rugs are hand crafted by artisans, who deftly weave, or hand knot quality materials into detailed patterns, using time‑honored practices. For other rugs, we work with trusted, expert vendors.

handcrafted mattresses

For three decades our superior mattresses have been bench made and fashioned from the most comfortable materials. Select craftspeople oversee hand tufting, placement of support and comfort layers, and the construction of foundations.