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Farooq Kathwari Portrait

Ethan Allen has a distinct vision of American style, rooted in the kind of substance that will make our company strong for decades to come.

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in the beginning

Nat Ancell

Nat Ancell and Ted Baumritter found a housewares sales agency in 1932. They sell plaster gnomes, trellises, and garden swings—all made by someone else.

Ted Baumritter


viva vermont

Wood worker in 1935 fall in the hills of Vermont

Determined to take control of their destiny, Nat and Ted purchase a bankrupt sawmill for $25,000 and start manufacturing home furnishings. “We fell hopelessly in love with Vermont and with what New England represents historically.“

Beecher Falls Factory


a style is born

Ethan Allen statue

At the 1939 Chicago Housewares Show, we debut a 28-piece line of colonial-style furniture. It’s named for a son of Vermont and an American hero: Ethan Allen.


innovation instigated

1940s Ethan Allen bedroom

No more one-and-done furniture intros; we invent “open stock” furniture styles. Even when some of our furniture is discontinued, new pieces are made in finishes that play well with existing styles.

1940s Ethan Allen dresser


one million and counting

Eisenhower Chest

Growing rapidly, we expand our operations to include three sawmills and eleven manufacturing plants. We create our millionth piece of furniture—a beautiful chest crafted from solid maple—and present it to President Eisenhower.

1950s Ethan Allen collections


name it, claim it

1960s Ethan Allen logo

We officially change our company name to Ethan Allen in 1969, and we begin marketing directly to consumers rather than to furniture retailers.

1960s Ethan Allen living room


deal me in

1970s Design Center

The Ethan Allen Showcase Gallery concept gives independent furniture dealers a recognizable storefront supported by the Ethan Allen name—and brings our complimentary design service front and center.

1970s ad


bold moves

Farooq 1980s

Farooq Kathwari becomes President, Chairman and CEO. In 1989, to ensure that Ethan Allen can control its own destiny, Kathwari leads a management buyout and takes the company private.

1980s sofa


modern makeover

1990s Design Center

We reinvent our entire furniture line, stepping away from our colonial origins and embracing fresh looks. With our new priorities firmly in place, we once again return to trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

1990s magazines


we're an American brand

2000s factory

As many American manufacturers outsource production internationally, we firmly commit to the skills of our American workers. We invest in new technology and state-of-the-art equipment throughout our manufacturing facilities.

2000s dining room


for the home we all share

We take our place as a world leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing. We also establish our corporate social responsibility vision, ensuring all who work with and for us are treated with respect.

2010s bedroom
beautiful waterfall

2020s and beyond


earth in a water drop

With a distinct vision of American design, expressed in three lifestyles—Classic, Country & Coastal, and Modern—we continue to expand both at home and around the globe. Yet we remain rooted in the principles that define us, holding fast to our respect for people and the planet.

2020s living room

Quality & craftsmanship

For 89 years, our skilled craftspeople have put their dedication into every detail. Whether ​they’re crafting​ a custom table or tailoring a sofa by hand, they leave their hallmarks in all that they do.

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World class designers

Call on them for consultations in person, online or to work in collaboration using one of our design technologies.

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There’s no home to which Ethan Allen is more committed than our planet, the home we all share. We’re committed to making furniture in ways that preserve our world for future generations.

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